Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sang-il Chookha Hapneeda (Happy Birthday)

happy birthday Anne Curtis! ai Jhoni Ablaza pala ;)

A poem just for an extraordinary yet so simple but irresistible woman like you, my friend Jhoni.
Side by side or miles apart
True friends are always close to your heart
Whether you're turning five or fifty-three
You know that I'm a true friend because you're here beside me
I'm here, right now, on your special day
So lets give a cheer for you, hip, hip, hooray!
I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday!
I look forward to enjoying our friendship for many more of your birthdays.
Happy Birthday old friend.
There is a gift that gold cannot buy
A blessing that's rare and true
That's the gift of a wonderful person coming into my life
Like I have in you! Happy Birthday!
Friend is just a word but you give it a meaning.
I just want to say, Happy Birthday
To you, my dear, dear friend
You have always been there for me
And our friendship will never end
I will stay with you through and through forever and ever, we will be friends until the end.
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and to let you know that you are not alone. Should you need someone to lean on, I will be here for you.
Thank you for your friendship through out all this time.
In this world, where everything seems uncertain, only one thing is definite. You'll always be my friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.
Looking forward to many more years of fun and friendship.
Please watch this video. I've search this one for you on your special day this Thursday, 30th of June 2011. (nagpills na ko ngaun.lalang, hehe! para di ko malimutan din)

Mums & Tubs Get Together
December 12, 2010
Fun Ranch

Wayback December 12, 2010, in a Baby Care Club event of Mums and Tubs which was held at Fun Ranch at Ortigas, Pasig City, I've met this hot chick (LOLz) named Jhoni Ablaza. She was the one who approached me. That was something cool because I used to be the one like her who is approachable and friendly in the past events. Kahit hindi kami close, ayun, nagchikahan na. At first, feeling ko, artista ako, kasi kilala niya ako eh. Hehe! Feeling!

nakasakay kami jan dahil sa extra tickets na binigay ni Mommy Jhoni
Facebook Face Off ng Araneta
February 4, 2011

Eastwood after Araneta
mga facebook addictus talaga.. Event at Podium
February 6, 2011

Jeremiah, Jhoni, Pink
what a happy family :)


kia and pink in yellow

After ng event, punta na sa Seattles' Best Coffee to use GC
si Pink at Kia gutom na ulit!

2nd birthday ni Kia at Fun Ranch Ortigas
February 22, 2011

nagsosolo si hubby mo, Jhoni

Busy ang mga mommies

bigayan na ng lootbags Pink

I hope next year, madugtungan pa mga memories na ganito kasama ang iba pa nating online friends. 

Godbless you and your family as always.

"As you grow in years, may you also grow in ways"
-kesorin sicat :)

P.S. Kulang ang pictures natin. Pasend na lang ha. Thanks and I love you little sister Jhoni c;
unang blog sa end of June..wah!