Friday, November 26, 2010

last 2010/08/09

 going to SM Marikina with my cousin, my brother's girlfriend, Kia en Mommy.

Ayun oh, napagod, nagutom! While waiting for the orders, our hobby goes on, picture! picture!
Our first time to go and taste it.

antaba namin, ahihi!

we don't have the pictures of the food because the pictures got virus, kainis nga!
Anyways, the food at Reyes Barbecue was really good and delicious! nyam! nyam!pati sawsawan nila, masarap at kakaiba, may mani ata yun eh.. eheh!
Sana makausap ko ang may-ari ng Reyes Barbecue at baka kamag-anak namin sya.. para may discount! o diba.. hihi!

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