Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Makes You Super Excited About the Weekends?

Being a mom doesn't mean to separate yourself from the outside world. When I became a mom, my only life is my daughter and my husband who is abroad. When weekdays, we usually chat with Daddy Aki after he worked the whole day and in the morning, my role as a mother is to teach little Kia the good manners and right conduct of life.

aki-kia-kat 15

But you know what? It sounds really boring to be always at home. Until one time, my life changed. There was a contest wherein you could watch free movie last September 2010 and it all started there. I've met a mommy blogger who also won in the said radio and television contest. She introduced me to the world of bloggers. Bloggers? Blog? Hmnn.. Sounds cool and interesting huh?!? Why not, there is no harm in trying as long as it would do good and benefit myself from learning new things.

There it goes. I do blogging, not in the sense of income, but to relieve myself from stress and to tell others what had happened to us the whole day long. I was also invited in some mommy and food bloggers event. I've met a lot of people from facebook and blogging. I only choose events which fall during weekends. Because weekdays is for my family time with hubby and daughty. I always bring Kia whenever there is an event because no one is able to look after her because everyone is busy, aside from the fact that she's so heavy.

This week, I was so super excited again to see new and old faces of mommy bloggers at the Podium Mall in Ortigas where in the I Love My Family! Love Month Event was held, the first Philippine Online Parenting Show which is hosted by Mommy Tin-tin Bersola-Babao.

It was just held this afternoon. I was so super happy to meet members together with their kids.

mommy bloggers

Kia also enjoyed the event. There are activities for kids for them not to be bored. There were coloring activities wherein the Baby Company gave special prizes to those kids and moms with beautiful drawings. Kia can't draw very well but I'm planning to enroll her in arts school this year for her to improve and discover if she has place in the world of drawings or let's say painting. (wala kasi sa lahi namin ang marunong magdrawing..ehe!)

Kia while drawing our family portrait :)

After the said event, Mommy Jhoni and her family together with us went to a dinner date this evening at Shakey's Megamall. After that we went to Seattle's Best Coffee to enjoy some coffee.This weekend was so SUPER memorable and tiring for us, but so happy to see and be with real and nice people in social networking sites.

Dela Cruz-Ablaza family

I hope to have another super exciting weekend with you Mommy Jhoni and more time to celebrate our new found friendship. Thanks!


  1. sana magkaruon pa q ng GC..ehe! saka sali tayo sa Shakey's Monster Deal, sama natin un ibang mommy..ehe!

  2. sali ako jan kat, how do i was nice meeting you and kia again, too bad we didn't have a picture time:)

  3. kaya nga, ang magbalae pa un wlang pix..ehe! tapos na ata, nkta q lng knina d2 sa fb, deadline na pla .. sna nga pasok eh..hehe!

  4. Parang kilala kung yun ah...
    I'm glad that we met at the Legend of the Guardians ticket claiming. Everything happens for a reason. And being a blogger could be your calling!

    Keep it up, Kat!