Saturday, April 9, 2011

Contest Time: Shen's Addiction 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

Finally! The day has come!! It's Shen's Addiction's Third Anniversary!! :)

I certainly didn't think it possible that I'd be able to accomplish again another giveaway like the ones from before and yet, here it is. Blessings just kept on pouring that the trials that hardly matters. Now, it's high time I share those blessings to all of you who have supported me for the past three years. I'm so very happy that I get to do this again!!

Without further ado! Here it is!

For a chance to win some fabulous prizes from brands like ....

Pond's, Bobbi Brown, Avon,  Kiehl's, Ellana, The Body Shop, Kerastase, Neautrogena, House of Obagi, Revlon, Sakura Bella, One Naturales, Clinelle, Maybelline, L'oreal Paris, L'oreal Professionel, Myra and more!!!...

all you have to do is do follow the Mechanics below.. (read the rest of the post for a surprise!)
Are you ready?



1. *Subscribe via E-mail --> Click here. Please don't forget to activate your e-mail subscription! :) And please don't unsubscribe once this contest is finish. :)
2. **Follow me via Google Friend Connect if you have one.
3. Please like Shen's Addiction Facebook Page ( and share this contest! :) (share button is above. thank you!) (please provide link)
4. Please follow me on Twitter ( and please retweet this contest! (retweet button above! thank you!) (please provide link!)
5. Please re-blog or post this contest and share them to your readers!! If you don't have a blog, place them on your Facebook Note! :)
6. Email me at that you've completed no.'s 1-5! :)
1. Subscribed (my email is
2. Followed at google connect (username: janedoe)
3. Liked you on FB (name: Jane Doe) and Shared it on my page! link here _____
4. Followed you on Twitter (@janedoe) and retweeted it! link here _____
5. Posted this contest to my blog! (link:
7. Comment below that you joined and the email you used and Tell me what brand of cosmetics/skin care/beauty gadgets you'd like me to feature on my blog! :)
Hi Shen! I joined your contest and emailed you my contest entries ( janedoe(at)gmail(dot)com ). I would like you to feature more Ellana products!!



Want more chances to win? Gain more entries by doing the following!!

1. Via our generous sponsors:

Our sponsors have Facebook pages. Like or Add them please. To gain an entry, share their pages on your Facebook page/account (along with requirements above, email the links to me!).
    ONE ENTRY for every sponsor Liked/Added and Shared! (imagine if you shared them all! so many entries!)
    You can find our sponsors on the sidebar! :) ---->
    I'll be adding a few more in the next few days!! :)

2. Please grab my Blog Badge (found below or the side bar). Just copy/paste them on to your "HTML gadget". Adding this on your sidebar will gain you ONE ENTRY!

<center><a href=""><img src=""/></a></center>

If you have done the above-mentioned additional ways to earn entries, please add the links and website(s) of the blog where the badge was installed along with the email to the main mechanics.
1. Subscribed (my email is
2. Followed at google connect (username: janedoe)
3. Liked you on FB (name: Jane Doe) and Shared it on my page! link here _____
4. Followed you on Twitter (@janedoe) and retweeted it! link here _____
5. Posted this contest to my blog! (link:

I want more chances to win:
Added and shared the following sponsors:
Ponds: (link)
House of Obagi: (link)
Goodskin Labs: (link)

Your blog badge is now on my blog (link)

How I will compute your contest entries:
Jane Doe: 1 completed PART I  + 3 liked/shared sponsor entries + 1 Blog Badge entry = 5 entries 
(I will then proceed to include 5 Jane Doe names on the raffle)

Weekly Announcement of Winners
March 23: First batch of winners
March 30: Second batch of winners
April 6: Third batch of winners
April 13: Fourth batch of winners

It is only fair to everyone that if you already won, you can't win again on the succeeding week to give others a chance to win, too! :) All's fair for the love of beauty, Pretties!

Winners will be randomly picked via :)

I will contact the winner via e-mail. Winners have 30 days to reply with the needed information of claiming the prizes. No reply within the said period, the winnings are forfeited.

Contest Duration:
March 16 to April 13, 2011

I know it's a bit tedious. :) But I tell you, everything is worth it! 
There are tons of prizes to be won and you'll enjoy them, I'm sure! :)

So, goodluck to those who will join!! I can't wait to receive your entries!!

Open only to Philippine Residents
Sorry, dear readers abroad. But due to the problems I encoutered in my last giveaway with the postal service. I have to refrain shipping abroad. :(

*Only activated e-mails will be honored to be fair to everyone! And it's only when your e-mail is activated can you receive e-mail updates for my posts. :)
**Google Friend Connect is also the same as the previous follow button of Blogspot. If you are already following me, please indicate your username or blog name.

Click this link if you want to join

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