Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Would You Take Your Soda Stream Giveaway

Here is my answer to Ms. Earth's question:

Summer is the best time of the year for most of us and we all know why. Everyone anticipates a season of fun, outdoors and sun. All of these things together lift up spirits in all of us which in turn help us to enjoy this season to the full. It’s not just a trip to some touristic haven, it’s an emotional trip. We go back to our “roots”, rekindle the bond with our families there, breathe, eat, sleep, laugh, and cry the Filipino way. Remember how we have missed all of these. After a year of waiting, the whole family could finally afford to go in our home province.  We can escape not only the heat, but also the stress, traffic and pollution. It is synonymous to beach, swimming pool, and mountains where we will go.

One of the latest kitchen gadgets that would be in my luggage is the Soda Stream soda maker. Why? Because of its ease of use, low cost per liter, convenience, and earth friendliness of making your own soda at home make it a no-brainer.

My daughter, Kia, suffered from UTI last February, before her 2nd birthday. 

She was hospitalized because of too much drinking soft drinks and iced tea, instead of water and fruit juices. 

Now I know that Soda Stream is the answer to my problem because it doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup. This means I can control how much sugar Kia drinks. This is an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans in the groceries.

I will also share the soda with our natives, the Negritos and Negritas (Baluga) at Pampanga. I want them also to taste test the different flavours of it and share some info regarding this soda maker that it is also an environmentally-friendly solution to prepare our own carbonated beverages at home or everywhere.   It doesn’t use electricity or batteries, great also when you are riding a boat.

Even when the heavens open up and the rain pours down, our family's summer vacation will be successful.

Thanks to Soda Stream and Earth!
(feeling winner na..ehe!)

What are your plans this summer?

I’m sure you’ve cooked up something exciting and can’t wait for the much awaited vacation with family or friends.

Well, Ms. Earth is about to make our summer more exciting by giving you the power to make your own soda anywhere in the world because she's giving away a Soda Stream Starter Kit worth almost Php4,000 today!

Soda Stream is an amazing non-electronic gadget that enables you to make your own Soda. All you need is clean water and the flavoring (which is included in the package) or if you ran out flavoring use your own juice drink for flavoring.

Contents of the Soda Stream Starter kit includes the frizzer, carbon, 2 soda bottles, 2 bottle of orange and cola syrup and sampler syrups.

Just add water, frizz, add soda flavor and shake!

Viola! Instant Soda!

Don’t be intimidated by the machine its so easy to use! All instructions are included in the packaging so you don’t have to worry! To learn more about Soda Stream Philippines check out their Facebook page on
Earth is so in love with this machine that she's giving away one for her loyal readers to enjoy.
So, here’s what you should do to win:
Option 1: Answer this question at the comment box below:
“What are your plans for your Soda Stream this summer?”
Option 2: Tweet this: 
" I’m gonna have an absolutely cool summer with my homemade soda from Sodastream. Thanks to! #sodastream #earthlingorgeous "
Option 3: Update your Facebook Status to this:
I’m gonna have an absolutely cool summer with my homemade soda from Soda Stream. Thanks to Earthlingorgeous!” (please make sure to like and tag Soda Stream and Earthlingorgeous Facebook pages for your entry to be valid!)
Option 4: Blog about this giveaway!
  • Blog about this giveaway
  • Make sure to link back to her post
  • Post URL of your blog entry in her blog's comment box
Answer, tweet, FB, or blog! That’s it!
What are you waiting for join now!
This giveaway is open for 3 days only (starting March 31, 2011 to April 2, 2011 12mn) so join now!
Because the items have fragile contents (carbon and syrups) this contest is open for those who can claim their prize in person with Earth on April 3 at SM Megamall (2-5PM) or April 7 at SM Makati (5-7PM) .

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Enter into Earthlingorgeous  contest page for more details on how to join this awesome giveaway!

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