Friday, April 29, 2011

How will you spice up your summer?

Don't settle for the run-of-the-mill resort outings and generic beach excursions. My family and I have prepared loads of trips to not-your-usual summer destinations.

Explore the Philippines and sleep under the stars, along the beach!

We will go Potipot Island which is located on Candelaria, Zambales.

We'll have lots of activities like beach, swim, camp out. Let's unwind, chill, and relax! Swim in clear blue waters, stroll along fine white sand, and enjoy the sweet serenity Potipot's sunset has to offer!

Travel worry-free because someone already paid for the expenses (that's the best part of it!) All we need is a sturdy pair of legs and a good sense of humor, and they will provide the equipments we need.

Probably you are wondering what you can do in an island with no one but yourself and the beauty it puts forward. So I'm citing several things you can do on your stay around the island of Potipot.

1. Take photographs. Lots of photographs.
2. Have a picnic with family or friends. 
3. Walk around the island.
4. Play and build sand castle just like a kid.
5. Find a spot in the island. Sit down. And talk with friends or family. 
6. Of course, swim.
7. Sun bathing.
8. Pick unique shells and stones molded by the waters of Zambales.
9. Talk with other tourists.
10. Wait and watch the sunset

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