Friday, April 29, 2011

Help promote bone health awareness and get a chance to win Anlene gift packs


It's been a while since I last posted about bone health and I've been wanting to promote the information I've learned about calcium from the last Anlene event I went to (with guest speaker Senator Pia Cayetano). It's a good thing Franco of Bridges sent me a package of Anlene boxes to help me boost awareness. He left a sweet note that reminded me to drink milk for stronger bones and to remember that osteoporosis is preventable. I'd like to share this fact with my readers as well.

Coincidentally, my parents and siblings were talking about the benefits of full cream milk versus skim milk when I unearthed the boxes of Anlene. My Dad, being a senior citizen, was delighted, while my Mom regretted the fact that she had just bought cartons of another brand.

We have a loooot to give away (because I don't think we could finish all of them before they expire). How to get hold of them? Read on.

What we have here are two kinds of Anlene. There's the regular one, which is recommended for people aged 19-50 years. Then there's the Gold one, which is recommended for people aged 51 onwards.

I'm giving away a total of 10 Anlene packs:
5 Anlene Gold
5 Anlene original formula

The mechanics:
On the comment box below, please share your bone health / calcium story. (Basically why you want or need Anlene.) Of course, you need to state which type of Anlene you want. That's it.

I'll be picking the 5 best answers for Gold and 5 best answers for the original formula.

Additional points:
Contest officially ends on May 1, 2011 at 5PM. Good luck!

One of the things I learned about our bones is that they start to deteriorate at age 25. You can read more about that, plus tips on how to stimulate their growth from my old post about bone health. That was a fun event/seminar and I really would like my readers to be as informed as I had been on that day.

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